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I don’t know why, but it seems like a very long time since I’ve posted an interview! Today’s interview is with Angela Nicole, a funny, bubbly writer (she’s published a book – something on most of our bucket lists!) who adores Pikachu.

Hey, I’m Angela Nicole, and I’m an American author working on my MFA in Creative Writing. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky where I currently reside, and I’ve had a love of penning fiction since the ripe age of four. I also dabble in indie filmmaking, and frequent many anime and gaming conventions per year with my comedy group The Abusement Park! In my spare time, I love DDR, roller coasters, and just having overall fun with good friends.

A photo of Angela
A photo of Angela

What is the weirdest idea you have ever had for a book?

I once considered writing a variant of a Cinderella fairy tale using a modern theme, a male protagonist, and lovable yet quirky characters. I wrote a short story like that for a class in college, and my professor quite enjoyed it, so it’s an idea I haven’t completely abandoned at this point! I just wrapped up my second novel, so maybe we’ll be seeing my version of Cinderella coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Which famous person would you gladly buy a drink for?

Andrew W.K.! He is so funny and crazy and down-to-earth! I’d love to have a beer with him and just pick his brain about life and philosophy! His podcast is one of the most motivational podcasts I’ve ever heard, and his weekly blogs are just as wonderful. Most people classify him as a “party dude”, but I’d love to just sit and chat with him!

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

Can I be Cheryl Tunt from Archer? I know I cosplay Lana from the show, but Cheryl is so hilarious and fun! Her charisma and insanity is through the roof…in a good way, of course. Besides, who wouldn’t like to own mansions, an ocelot, and be microchipped into becoming a famous country artist?!

If you had to dress Pikachu in an animal suit, what would you dress Pikachu in?

I’ve seen a lot of memes where a cat has been painted yellow with Pikachu ears added to it. KittyChu, I think is what they call it! I’d like to see that in reverse, and we can add some ears and whiskers and make an adorable PikaCat! Plus, I’d really like love hearing him chirp PikaMew!

You awake from a pretty damn awesome slumber to find yourself tangled in a lot of wires, in a dark room with lots of blue and green lights. The air feels cold and empty. What is your first thought?

Damn, my mum was right when she said not to have wine with my dinner…

Assume that a box of cornflakes and a bottle of cola is sitting next to you in the above scenario. The box of cornflakes has a label that says “drink me” and the bottle of cola has a label that says “eat me”. If you had to consume one, which would you consume?

Uhhh…looks like I’m going to be drinking cornflakes. Something about eating cola sounds even more stomach-turningly wrong than drinking cornflakes. They kind of get mushy after sitting around in the milk anyway! At this point, I’m going to assume that the aliens have come for us and that I’m now a cyborg or a medical experiement…so hopefully drinking cornflakes is now part of one’s daily extraterrestrial breakfast!

Would you rather have colour-changing light bulbs or a month’s supply of chocolate scented candles?

Colour-changing light bulbs, hands down! I’m actually not much of a chocolate enthusiast (gasp!), but I love raves and LED set-ups! Actually, if anyone knows where I can pick up some of those bulbs, let me know! I’m sure my cats would have fun with them, too!

Would you rather walk knee-deep in strawberry milk or marshmallows?

Strawberry milk! That actually sounds fun and would make a great video shoot! Marshmallows would squish between my toes and make my feet all sticky; it’d drive me mad!

Would you rather burn your tongue and be unable to taste food for a week or be unable to hear anything for a week?

Oh, goodness, that sounds miserable either way! I guess I’d say being unable to taste food for a week. Despite being the foodie that I am, I don’t know if I could survive a week without music. I can barely survive just a few hours without music! Also, just for the practicality of being able to hear sirens and such.

If you had a pet shark what would you name it?

JabberJaw :) *hums theme music*

What song do you think would go well to blue-skinned horses racing in slow motion?

For some reason, The Eagles’s “Hotel California” comes to mind! I’m not entirely sure why, but when I first heard that description, that’s the first song that popped in my head. It would make a cool video montage, to say the least!

It’s 6am and for some reason you only have $20 to spend on one meal for the day. When do you buy it and what do you buy?

After work (9pm since I’m a second-shifter!), I’d go to the store and load up on ramen, French bread, and spices! Thanks to a rough apartment situation a few years back, I’ve mastered some beastly ramen recipes using just spices and additives like celery and onions. Gotta fuel up for cheap!

What advice would you give to someone who is afraid of rollercoasters?

I would start whispering the lyrics to “I Believe I Can Fly” into their ear. (laughs) But no, I would tell them that you normally get triple-strapped into the coasters, so they won’t fall out, and that it’s the most exhilerating way to feel free and weightless while maintaining one’s safety. I’d also assure them that I’d be their seat-buddy always and forever, each moment with them!

What is one word that makes you feel exceptionally awkward when someone says it?

Pustule. (shudders) All sorts of terrible, horrible things run through my head whenever I hear it! I’m not bothered like words like “moist” and “panties” as some people are, according to social media, but “pustule” just heebies my jeebies every time!

Last but not least, what is the most expensive item you have ever bought and regretted?

Back in 2008, when I first started making videos for YouTube, I went out to BestBuy and bought this $400 camera. I knew nothing about video capture, and it was a horrid camera and a horrible investment. I still curse the sales rep who saw me as a sucker and was like, “Yeah, get that one! It has a flip screen!” instead of actually showing me different products. My current camera was $450 and takes beautiful videos, so I wish eighteen-year-old me had done her research!

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What a great interview. :D I love these because you learn something new about people you have ‘seen around’ for a while. Plus the humour is good too. :D