In my mind, for many years, I have tried to live without regretting things. Big or small. I’m not suggesting that when I was younger I regretted everything I did, or didn’t do, but there have been one too many moments where I made a small decision that I later regretted. Regretting small things was normal for me. Regretting running to the train, missing a concert, spending time with someone I didn’t really like. Really minor things that you could get over in a matter of minutes, and just look ahead.

I have never labelled myself an optimist or a pessimist. I just know that I had dark days filled with depression and days I simply didn’t want to exist, but I also had days that were ecstatic and filled with happiness and fond memories. But I found that regret was linked to being pessimistic, and it was stopping me from being happy, from staying positive, from being a potential optimist.

Regret is horrible. The word itself sounds horrible. After regretting even the smallest things, […]

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I have known Kristi for the longest of times. I remember having a little crappy website when I started out web designing (I’m pretty sure she remembers my embarrassing Out The Window days, which is forbidden territory, I tell you :P), and I remember visiting her website, thinking, “What an amazing layout”, before I caught up and felt a bit better about my work! She kept a blog and I remember reading it regularly, and though she has taken a break a few times, she is now blogging at Memoir of Sorts.

My name is Kristi! I’ve been married a little over 7 years to my awesome husband, who is now (medically) retired from the Army. We tried 3 long years and suffered a loss, but were finally able to have our beautiful baby boy. He was born 6 weeks early but aside from being a little small, you’d never know. We recently bought a new house, which sits on 30 acres in the country!
I work full time and am debating going back to school. When I’m not working, cooking, cleaning, playing with my son, or hanging out with my husband, I like to craft. I love working with clay to make little charms and things, but I also sew, bake, play with papercrafts, build furniture, and anything else I wake up and decide I want to do. I also love watching movies and for some reason, Frozen pretty much plays on repeat at our house.

Kristi and her husband Matthew
Kristi and her husband Matthew
What was the last song you listened to?
I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning; Tom Petty – Mary Jane’s Last Dance.
Who would play you, or who would you like to play you, in a movie about your life?
Hmm.. tough one. I have always chosen Natalie Portman for something like this but I think Anna Kendrick matches my personality a little more. Natalie seems a little more conservative and I’m a little out there sometimes.
If you could smell like one vegetable for the rest of your life, what vegetable would you choose?
A vegetable and not a fruit? Mean! Um.. tomatoes. Fresh, juicy red tomatoes.


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This post is another entry for Manda’s A Day in the Life linkup. Feel free to view my previous entries.

Today was Tuesday, a work day.

How To Make Your Way to Work

  • Wake up at 6:30am.
  • Feel awesome.
  • Get out of bed eventually, and eventually make the 7:34am bus.
  • Catch the train at the station once the bus gets there.

There was very little to do to get ready, and I was surprised I was quicker than usual. I guess I didn’t put too much unnecessary thought into my outfit. […]

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Lilian and I went to see Love, Rosie at the cinema yesterday morning. I had won the tickets from some little competition they were having in our office building. I would have bought tickets anyway, even if I hadn’t won. Love, Rosie is based on the book Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern, and it is one of my favourite books.

I remember reading the book in a department store when I was bored and following my mum around. I saw the cover of the book, and was interested, so I began reading it. It was the first Cecelia Ahern book I read. I was in love with it from the first page, but I was reluctant to buy it because I didn’t really like to buy books for a one-time read. I can’t remember whether I finished reading it in the store or went to the local library to read the rest, but I know I went to the library anyway — whether it was to finish reading or to have a second read — it was that good. […]

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Last week we had a little event at work for the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup is a horse race held in Melbourne, Australia. The prize money is generally pretty huge, which is why it is a pretty big deal. People dress up quite nicely for the Melbourne Cup, and I’m personally not a hundred percent aware of the reason. The fashion aspect sort of came about in 1962, according to Wikipedia.

Large elaborate hats, and more recently, fascinators, are practically a requirement for the ladies, with men dressed in suits and ties. My mum had a handful of fascinators lying around from last time she had attended a Melbourne Cup event so I borrowed one. I was debating between a small suede hat with net, and a small straw hat with feathers. I went for the former, since the suede seemed to better match the shoes I wanted to wear.

FF Melbourne Cup-1 […]

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