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Eight facts

Here are eight facts, in no particular order, about today. Think of it as a stream of consciousness like the other two I have written, Seventeen teas later and Things that irritate me.

  • I like waffles a lot.
  • I walk to the bus stop sometimes. There is one at the end of the street I live on, and a couple others around. This might sound confusing but I have an option to go a bit further than the end of the street, and catch a bus to a different train station. It conveniently arrives every thirty minutes between my regular bus. However, I sometimes find myself going to an entirely different bus, which is a further distance to walk, but gets to the station faster. The buses arrive every five to then minutes, but at the same time, they also reach capacity easily.


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It’s been a crazy, crazy weekend and half-of-week! I haven’t written in quite a few days because I was working late on Friday night as well as Monday night, and over the weekend I spent Saturday photographing The Blurst of Times Festival in Sydney. Not to mention I’ve had some very late (up to 3am) nights going through the 1400 photos I took that day. You can check out my photo gallery at Casual Band Blogger, but I’ll probably be sharing some later this week, too.

Lil and I caught up last Friday but since it was the first time having lunch again, we did it this week too. We spent a long time chatting since she had more time, and I wasn’t too busy either.

The Place

We were going to go to a new burger eatery near our workplaces but it hadn’t opened yet. There were rumours of a “soft launch” but they weren’t letting members of the public in. It officially opens on Friday, so we’ll probably try it another day. Instead, we went to Sushi Hotaru, which has two restaurants in the city. All sushi is $3 a plate, and they also sell sides (edamame! edamame! edamame!) and desserts. [...]

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It has been a while since Lil and I caught up for lunch! I saw her twice since our last lunch. Once, when we went, with James and Brandon, to see the band Anberlin on their final world tour; then to join her and her friends for her celebratory dinner for becoming a lawyer (yay!).

But it has been a while since we properly caught up, and I didn’t stay for the whole dinner because I had to return to our work Hackathon. She was a bit short on time yesterday, but we caught up for lunch anyway! [...]

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Today I am interviewing my good friend Seb, who takes pretty much all of my Fashion Friday photographs. I have known him since we started university and were in the same classes. I have written his name as “Lord Seb” because of his entry in my phone’s contact list. To make things interesting, a while ago I had asked people what details they wanted to put for their contact information in my phone. I found myself adding titles to each person, and Seb became Lord Seb.

He has written a “short” autobiography:

If I were to have an achnemesis, it would be bios. I never know what to say in them, you know? Anyway, I’m Sebastian, friends call me Seb and more recently Sebbu and sometimes Potato because I LOVE potatoes (and maybe look as delicious as one, hah), originally from Peru but living in Sydney, Australia for the last ten years. I love music, but can’t neither play or write about it, but I do take photos of it from time to time. And things make me feel old even though I’m really not.


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A couple of weeks ago Andrew from Simple Loose Leaf sent me a box of tea to review. I was really excited to receive the box because I wanted to try some new tea. I absolutely adore tea. Simple Loose Leaf is a tea subscription service. It ships to the United States, Canada and Australia, for $15 a month. You get five bags of tea to try per month, and they are quite generous portions as well. Shipping to Canada is an extra $5, and to Australia is an extra $10. [...]

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