It’s been a while since I have written a Things I Miss post, and I have been thinking of so many things lately. I find that when I talk to Nick, we always come across things from our childhood or from our past, and we start a lot of sentences with “Do you remember…”

Today, though, I’m writing about something that I completely forgot about until recently when I was chatting with my friend Rachel. It’s called A Letter to a Domain, and was a series of letters I wrote on an occasional basis (basically any time I felt like it), starting in 2009.

The quaint thing about these letters was that I wrote them to various domain names that I owned: expressing my thoughts about them, their purpose or their planned purpose, or even ones that I had let expire and wished I hadn’t. As a domain name addict, the letters were amusing but fitting to my personality, and I was even more amused that people enjoyed reading them.

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Back in 2012, I made a mental list:

Huge bands I must see

  • Blur
  • Weezer
  • The Smashing Pumpkins

I only started seeing live music regularly that year, so I had a small list. I’ve only ever really been into seeing local bands, so that list of the ‘big guys’ has remained small.

A shot of Damon Albarn with the audience

On Saturday I had crossed off all three of those bands, finally seeing Blur live, at the same venue I saw Weezer and The Smashing Pumpkins.

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I really hate the cold and as a result I’m not so fond of winter. It’s hard to get up in the morning, it’s hard to go outside… It’s just a difficult time of year for me. However, one thing I love about winter is the opportunity to dress really smartly. There’s nothing I love more than going out in pants, a big coat and an interesting scarf. This Fashion Quarterly, Winter, is pretty much based on my daily style in winter, the only thing that changes day to day are the individual elements and colours.

The location for this shoot was the University of Sydney, the same as Georgie’s recent Wanderlust post. While Wanderlust focused on the historic sights of the campus, mine focuses on the more modern sights. The pics were primarily taken around the law buildings on Eastern Avenue, the main pedestrian street on campus.

Modern USYD
Modern USYD

You may recognise the shoes, they featured in my Autumn Fashion Quarterly so I won’t really talk about them.

I wore blue Levi skinny jeans, not the same ones as my previous FQ, but very similar in style and colour.

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A photo of Brandy
A photo of Brandy

Brandy is a vibrant soul who shares almost the same birthday as me. As we live on opposite sides of the earth, our birthdays pretty much fall on the same day instead of being a day apart. She is an awesome gal with a big, big heart, and knows how to make people laugh. Brandy blogs at trueshades.net, and you can catch her on Instagram or Twitter.

My name is Brandy, a 29 year old from a suburb in the U.S.A. I’m a huge tech-enthusiast so it probably wouldn’t surprise you that I work in Mobile Phone sales. When I’m not working or sleeping, you can usually find me at home surfing the internet, social networking, or binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. I have two chronic illnesses, Hypothyroidism and Endometriosis, and although I’m pretty fatigued and PAINED most of the time, I try to make the most of it. I often have wanderlust and strive to travel the world some day.

What song do you think most people wouldn’t dare to dance to, but that you would you dance to without shame?

Anything by Britney Spears!

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This series has been a long time coming, and it has been sitting on the back burner, mostly because of how much time I’ve been spending actually digging my head into this apparent way of life most commonly called ‘minimalism’. I had this post sitting there for a while to serve as some kind of introduction but my list of planned posts for this series isn’t going to go anywhere if I don’t start.

I was encouraged by Michelle and Bhairavee to write blog posts on this topic. Both of them really wanted to hear about my decluttering experiences.

First things first, though…

Nick told me to stop calling myself a minimalist, stop saying I’m trying to be a minimalist, and stop referring to it as such – and, of course – stop getting brainwashed. And I think that that is the place to start. Labelling things can make you lose sight of the real point or real meaning. Labelling something does not give more credibility to what is actually involved.

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