I currently use external link icons on my blog, by way of an external links plugin for WordPress. It wasn’t until I started including a lot of links to other websites in my Fashion Friday posts for the stores I bought my clothing from that I realised the link icons were getting a bit too much.

Visually, that is.

I initially installed the plugin after seeing the use of the link on Wikipedia and understanding its use as an indicator for a link external to the website. I also saw someone use it on their fansite and thought it was a smart idea. This was somewhere near five years ago, I’m sure.

After browsing the internet I found a plethora of articles related to styling your own external links with CSS (apparently, using JavaScript had been the more ancient option), but none about the whys or reasoning behind why these icons might be necessary.

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Nick helped me shoot this Fashion Friday edition near a church which had some old buildings nearby. I wasn’t too sure about the location but I thought some of the photos turned out well.

I have worn the black shirt with a white skirt most of the time but I tried it with this slightly flared skirt that I got some time ago at a discounted price some time ago. The skirt doesn’t actually have anything wrong with it, just a bit of a break in the pattern, but it’s not that noticeable.

Full body shot
Full body shot
Removing the pin from my hair. I wish my hair was actually this wavy!
Removing the pin from my hair. I wish my hair was actually this wavy!

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In my last Live simply post, I wrote about smart shopping tips for a minimal wardrobe. I got quite a bit of good feedback from it and I promised I would share my experiences decluttering my own wardrobe, getting it from a messy state full of clothes I don’t need, to a more organised state with less clothes.

If, like me, you feel like you need to declutter your wardrobe, you’ll have to consider a few things:

  • If you need to declutter, you have acknowledged that you have too much. (Good work!)
  • You need to face the reality that decluttering does mean getting rid of some things.
  • Be honest with yourself. I’ll probably write a lot of rhetorical questions in this post, but they’re for you to think about, so make sure you give yourself the honest answer.

How I decluttered my wardrobe

Reduce the amount of storage

I have several different places I put my clothes:

  • built-in wardrobe
  • chest of drawers
  • a dresser with drawers and a large mirror on top
  • a small bed side table
  • two standalone clothing racks

It’s not the best of situations.

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A few days ago I reviewed the July shipment of Kawaii Box. This is just a quick post to announce a giveaway – so if you liked my review and liked what you saw in the Kawaii Box, here is your chance to win a box of your own.

Enter the giveaway

You can enter the giveaway below. The more entries you submit, the more chances you have of winning.

If you follow my blog as an entry, you can do it one of three ways:

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Something about this particular quote has always puzzled me and I don’t think I quite agree with it.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. —Les Brown

I can see why people are motivated by this quote as it implies that you shouldn’t despair or give up, but at the same time, it’s almost telling you to expect failure rather than saying, ‘it’s OK’. It’s sort of implying that even if you miss the moon, you’ll be OK, and at least you got somewhere. (This post is an interesting take on the quote.)

The thing is, a lot of people deliberately set themselves up for disappointment simply to avoid being in a slump if things don’t go as well as they had wished. It isn’t necessarily the same as setting the bar lower, but it’s something that humans do to feel good about themselves in a cautious way. It’s like trying new things. A lot of us don’t want to go all out, so we change one small thing at a time.

It works for habits, it works for lifestyle changes, it works for learning things.

But it doesn’t work for dreams.

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