After stumbling upon Clara’s post about precious metal jewellery over costume jewellery (via Google, no less!), I felt inclined to discuss my opinion on the topic, which is the same as hers, but does not really line up with my obsession for cheaper alternatives to “real” jewellery.

Like Clara, I like to wear jewellery and not have to worry about it being damaged simply by completing day-to-day activities like washing hands, washing dishes, eating, and so on. Unfortunately, most costume jewellery, as lovely as it is, is of cheap quality and corrodes from a few drops of water or simply by making contact with the skin. It is a bit of a bother having to take rings off every time I wash my hands, and as much as I love my rings, sometimes I don’t bother putting in all that effort, so I don’t take them off. Worse, I put more effort into trying to keep my hands clean just to avoid the need to wash them, just so my rings are safe. [...]

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My mum told me that when she first moved to Australia, one of her first experiences going to a cinema was at a drive-in where she and my dad watched Pretty Woman. Incidentally, it’s one of my mum’s favourite movies.

However, I’m pretty sure she didn’t react the same way I did when I first went to a drive-in. I am not sure they are a big thing in Australia, but I know they are in America. When I heard that my mum had been to one, right here, in Australia, I was pretty surprised. A couple of years ago I knew they existed but they seemed like a novelty, and also a bit of a rare find. I am probably wrong, because I don’t see movies often, so I wouldn’t really know. [...]

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I’m sure many of you have heard of Where’s Wally? or the American/Canadian equivalent, Where’s Waldo?. Just the other week I learned that the female version, or rather, the female character that appears in the books — has a twin sister. I knew neither of their names until Cookie and I looked it up on the internet. There’s Wilma and Wenda, and both of them wear the same clothes. Wilma apparently appeared in 1990, then Wenda appeared in 1991. It turns out that Waldo/Wally is dating Wenda, and Wilma is his ex-girlfriend.

But they look exactly the same… hahaha.

I bought the stripy jumper in this post from Hong Kong. Scrounging for cheap clothes, James and I stumbled upon this boutique clothing store in a local mall. Hong Kong had a lot of stores that sold designer clothes, so it was a relief to find this little place. I remember seeing a few cardigans, and when I was picking out clothes from the racks, I noticed that the girl helping me out was wearing this really loose stripy jumper. I liked how it looked on her, even though she was shorter than me and probably wearing it oversized. I chose to buy it because of the bold colour and pattern, and have been happy with it since!

Fashion Friday Red Stripes-4 [...]

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I got to know Amanda a few years ago through blogging, and though we don’t talk all that often, I got to chat to her a bit recently. Currently living in Philadelphia, USA, with her husband and their dog Bandit, Amanda is a skilled photographer, specialising in both weddings and stylised teenage and children’s photography.

Amanda deals exceptionally well with her subjects, making them feel comfortable and capturing their personality from their best angles. This is a photo from one of her recent photoshoots.

Photo by Amanda Fleming Photography
Photo by Amanda Fleming Photography

Working in a children’s museum and science museum and having a work history including Disney World, it’s no surprise that Amanda has recently become a Disney Vacation Planner/Travel Agent with Moments of Magic Travel. Amanda welcomes anyone to about photography or planning a Disney related vacation.

In the meantime, let’s see how she answered a handful of silly questions. [...]

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A while ago I came across this YouTube video (also shown below) of a concert photographer taking photos during a band’s set. From the video, I could tell that it was a small gig at a small venue with few people. People initially criticised the photographer for his obnoxious behaviour, then people criticised the person who shot the video because of his irrelevant vertical video recording, then other people deemed the photographer’s behaviour as right because his photos turned out good.

Let’s take a look at this. Before I had read any of the articles siding with the photographer, I constantly showed people this video because I felt that it made a point.

After reading those articles, I feel that it still does make a point. [...]

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