Thinking back over the month of February, I am…

most proud of:
keeping the steam train festival a surprise from Nick
deeply grateful for:
my mother’s wonderful breakfasts, dinners, and helping me tidy my room
delightfully surprised by:
just how lovely Nick’s family is ♥
letting go of:
annoying work-related issues that I have barely any control over
feeling inspired by:
Leo Babauta, author of zenhabits.net

Looking ahead to March, I am…


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for Nicholas

Every day feels new,
Every day I feel feel like I could be more than blue,
More than orange, purple, pink, green and yellow.
Wandering above lost clouds, and
Waiting, just
Waiting, for
Them to find their way back home, but I always try
To bring them back to where they belong. […]

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Today I interview Fena, who has been blogging since 2002, but taken a few years off and recently gotten back into it! She is an avid traveller and also loves to read (she has a book blog!), not to mention, is a huge fan of Starbucks.

“I’m from the Philippines but raised in Brunei (adopted by a family here). Growing up everywhere, I consider Singapore & London my second homes too. I love to travel and am blessed enough to be with a family who does it often. Malaysia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, China, Hong Kong, to name a few. One place we still haven’t been to is New York but I’m hoping we’ll get there soon. New York has always been a dream destination.

Besides travelling, I love, love reading. YA fiction mostly but I’m looking to expand. Also, I love Starbucks. I’m a frequent visitor there, my favourite is the French Vanilla Frap.” […]

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Display inside Trainworks museum

Yesterday I drove Nick to the Thirlmere Festival of Steam. I had kept it a secret for a good two months or so. I know Nick loves steam trains so I bought tickets and secretly hoped he hadn’t been before. I guess I know him well enough to know that he hadn’t. I was excited to take him there, because in my heart I knew he would love it, and since he had kept a few things a surprise for me, I did the same here.

He said it was a very romantic thing to do (my inner soul is giggling like a little girl right now), from my point of view it was probably one of the nicest things I’ve done for someone. It’s a little bit special too. I know not everyone likes surprises but I wanted to make this event a surprise, so I just asked him to keep the date free. […]

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I am really quite excited to introduce this edition of Fashion Friday, because it was photographed by none other than Nick! He took over from Seb this time, as Seb was feeling rather ill this week (I hope he feels better!). I don’t really know what stance most girls have on their boyfriends photographing them, but all I can say is that I am really glad that Nick was excited to give it a go. I’m really pleased with the results and I think that he should be very proud, considering he hasn’t taken photographs like this before.

Crossing George Street […]

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