I’ve known Michelle for a few years now, and it never ceases to amaze me the way she broke into the media industry at a young age. As a celebrity and entertainment reporter, she’s interviewed Cody Simpson, Charice, and a handful of Disney Channel stars — and her list just keeps getting bigger. Michelle has done over a hundred interviews and was previously featured in Seventeen magazine.

Hi, I’m Michelle! I’m 21 years old and live in Johannesburg (or otherwise known as the City of Gold) in South Africa. I sometimes blog at www.mishinformed.com where I give people a behind-the-scenes look at the media industry, publish my local and international interviews and do event reporting. I work in the television broadcasting industry. I love watching anime and reading manga – I’m currently learning Japanese.


What book are you reading right now?
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

What is your favourite item of clothing?
My overly worn studded cheetah print ankle boots.

What is the weirdest trend you have ever come across?
Crocs. Enough said.

If giraffes wore clothes, what would they wear?
Brightly coloured polo necks (or are they referred to as turtle necks elsewhere? Haha, turtle… Giraffe… Sorry, I got distracted!)

You’re in a room alone with Barack Obama and there is a food platter of your favourite food on a table. There is also a purple pig running around madly. What do you do?
Head straight to the food and keep an eye on President Obama so I don’t miss an opportunity to go and talk to him! Perhaps I’ll offer him some of the KFC zinger wings I took a plate of. [...]

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We recently moved into a new office, right at the heart of the city. We’re quite a fair distance from the water, but we are on the twentieth floor — meaning we get pretty cool views of the skyscrapers, and the sunset is not too bad (though we do miss the wharf, because sunset on the water is pretty beautiful). Everyone was extremely excited about the food options, because my oh my, there are so many.

Unfortunately, having worked in the city for two years straight, and studying in the city for my whole university life, I am already starting to find the city a bore, and it’s only day two. After all, I was working in the city up until the end of last October, and — can you believe it’s almost August already?! I guess the food options that I once considered amazing are no longer amazing, and not many new eateries have opened up. It’s back to revisiting old loves, but at the same time, I’ve quietly gotten over it.

Fortunately, one thing I shall remain excited about is seeing my best friend, Lilian, more often. [...]

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Time for another edition of Monthly Music. This time, after Tiffany made a suggestion, I decided to upload my playlist to 8tracks so you can listen to it for free in your browser. I was going to try 8tracks before I used Spotify, but now I’ve realised Spotify was not the best way to share playlists.

Anyway, this playlist, titled ebullient, contains my favourite songs of the month. There are a few indie rock hits, some hits from the 2000s which a lot of you may recognise (sorry, I didn’t include Teenage Dirtbag but just imagine it’s there!), and some classic hits from the 70s and 80s. There are a few amusing tracks in there, so be sure to listen to some of the lyrics as well.

ebullient — a playlist for July 2014


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The legal drinking age in Australia is 18.

You can drive when you’re 16. You can sleep with someone, too, legally, but obviously, don’t do that at the same time you’re driving.

You are legally allowed to drive before you are legally allowed to drink. I guess that’s fair, given the amount of deaths that have occurred as a result of drink driving.

I’ve been learning to drive recently, thanks to James and my parents. Getting used to James’s smaller car has been far easier than mine, though I dare say I am beginning to get used to mine as well. When I am driving, I can’t imagine myself doing very much else other than concentrating on the road. I find it difficult to believe that people can use their phones to text people while they are actually moving and controlling their vehicle. Even eating seems a bit difficult. I just see it as very risky and unsafe. [...]

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Fashion Friday Braids-1

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I have had a bit of an obsession with French braids lately. I keep braiding my hair, then undoing it, then braiding it again. Half the time it’s because I’m unhappy with the result. The other half of the time I get such a good feeling from finishing a braid. I love doing braids that start from one side and finish at the other (featured in my last Fashion Friday edition).

They weren’t really braids, more like plaits — but after seeing Violent Soho in concert a couple of weeks ago, I did my hair in an interesting sort of fashion. I didn’t want to just tie it up or just braid it, so I did a bit of both. I pinned half of it up with a small alligator clip I got in Japan from a fukubukuro bag. [...]

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