I really like the look I’ve gone for in this Fashion Friday post because it’s a bit professional, but at the same time I think I’ve made it a bit exciting and I have a few new pieces to share.

Standing among the trees in my coat
Standing among the trees in my coat

I’ve been wearing my coat (it had its debut in Winter Rose) regularly since it has still been pretty cold, but this top keeps me pretty warm. It’s quite shiny and smooth to the touch. I don’t own many collared long sleeved shirts, so it was nice that my mum found this one for me after I told her what I wanted. I like the bold style – although the front has black panels, the back is completely black.

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We have reached double digits!

I realised we hadn’t had some proper girl talk for a while so Lilian and I had lunch together yesterday – just the two of us. It has been over a month since we last had lunch although Lilian did come to my birthday gathering last month.

The Place

I told Lil about Caffe Tiamo, a cute little cafe near both our workplaces. Nick and I have been there a handful of times, and I’m totally in love with the halloumi cheese chips… sooooooooo good. Lil was sold, although she wasn’t keen on the chips before trying them (she doesn’t like cheese). She liked them though, and said they didn’t taste like cheese at all, but rather like “chewy potato”.

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The middle of the year means tax time, a new financial year, “holy crap we are in the second half of the year” and a myriad of related thoughts. I’m honestly just really relieved and glad that we are in July.

The three things I’m most proud of from this past month are:

  1. Getting Nick a really nice surprise for his birthday – a Fossil bag I knew he wanted. He said he had always wanted a satchel and didn’t think he would actually get one.
  2. Starting my category on web development. I am already filling it with posts!
  3. Actually getting started learning some JavaScript and jQuery. It’s small, but it is progress.

The three things I’m most grateful for from this past month are:

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It has been a while since I have properly written anything about concerts or music in general. I tried my hand at a Music Monthly segment last year, but lost interest. I had made regular playlists in Spotify then ported them to 8tracks, but I could no longer bother keeping it up. Apart from that, I also haven’t listened to a great deal of new music. There also haven’t been many interesting gigs and concerts this year, and last year it died down as well – I went to a total of 41, whereas in previous years I would have easily gone to at least double that.

So I’ve decided to at least sum up my gigs, music I’ve discovered, stuff I am listening to, and other similar things. I have named this segment Pop 101 after the Marianas Trench song.

I will still write in-depth about any gigs or concerts or music when I like, so the purpose of this is to write a quick summary. I’m thinking of doing this every quarter/three months, but to allow it to be more flexible in case I change my mind, I’m just going to number them with volumes rather than writing “Q1”, “Q2” and so on. As this volume recaps the last three months, it’s a tad long… but let’s roll!

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One of my favourite lines from Doctor Who is from series four, when Rose asks the Doctor the last thing he said, and he responds with “Rose Tyler”, she asks, “And how was that sentence going to end?”

The Doctor replies with, “Does it need saying?”

It’s not a favourite line for me because it conjures up slight warmth. It’s not because it gives you the knowledge that the Doctor said those three difficult words, and it’s not because it confirms to us that the uncomfortable silence we felt has disappeared. It’s because it’s a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking few words that makes us realise how important those three words might be.

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