Bob Marley isn’t my name. I don’t even know my name yet. —Bob Marley

I’ve gone solely by Georgie for the past few years. I haven’t always been called Georgie, but it’s always been me. My parents have always called me Georgie, apart from when my mum is a little bit more than annoyed and calls me by my full name.

I have heard stories from people who changed their names because their names were just “not them”. Famously, television host Andrew Günsberg changed his name from Andrew to Osher. A lot of celebrities change their name once they become famous. I’m sure Elton John didn’t want to be known as Reginald Dwight, and Iggy Azalea didn’t like her birth name, Amethyst. But that aside, Georgie is more or less a nickname for Georgina.

The same way you’d call Nicholas, Nick; Timothy, Tim; Benjamin, Ben; Samuel, Sam. [...]

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It’s been such a crazy week-and-a-half that I can barely remember being organised in the past week. I mean, I haven’t felt the slightest bit organised, but at the same time, I’ve gotten all my work done at work. I don’t remember the last time I wrote a blog post that wasn’t slightly rushed.

I also hope you liked my poem Forever sunshine that I wrote a couple of days ago. It’s been a while since I’ve written a poem but I just felt so overwhelmed with happiness lately, it was like a spark flew off in my head. I actually wrote it as I was on my way to the bus stop, and felt compelled to post it immediately.


Today’s outfit is one that I occasionally mix bits and pieces of. I particularly like to wear the leggings with other long shirts, and I like to wear the shoes and shirt with other different styled pieces. This is a more casual look, woohoo. [...]

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At first I wanted to believe,
At first I tried to smile and be content.
Your wisdom shows me words I can perceive far more than comprehension.
I almost never know what to say,
There comes a time when distant hope comes just a little
Closer, and says you belong here.
Further, but you follow.
Quiet, slow, and transient believing,
The rain disappearing but the friendly storm still left,
Looking but above all, listening.

When you get scared, and then you trust,
Fall in love a little, then all at once, [...]

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I promised Cookie that I would write a blog post in fifteen minutes flat, so here goes. Also, there are a few reasons for this. The first is that I’m rather tired. Well, I would assume that all my coworkers/colleagues are very tired after our two-day hackathon that ran from Friday through to Saturday. Hackathons usually occur in tech companies and involve intense building of a product. Last hackathon was quite fun, but I felt sick and I refused to go home because I had two concerts to shoot on both nights. Well, yuck.

However, this time was ridiculously fun, and I actually got some work done amongst all the partying that happened. Boy, do we get spoiled on hackathon days. We get popcorn, candy, breakfast, lunch, dinner, games, drinks, balloons, entertainment, everything. Here’s a fun fact: there was a piñata that wasn’t even touched. I ate some candy from it.

Freelancer.com Hackathon October 2014
Freelancer.com Hackathon October 2014

Hackathon was fun for a number of reasons. I would list them all, but it all boils down to our team building something really awesome — or awezomb as our wonderful hackathon posters and customised t-shirts declared (designed by our awesome designer, Dean) — and just being around such awesome people. [...]

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I am a lover of PVC figures, a complete addict actually, and I also like photography, anime and manga. I’m a sucker for Japanese pop-culture. :)

Saki frequently blogs at Moonlit Saki and has been a regular visitor of my blog for quite some time. While her blog is dedicated to PVC figures — which undoubtedly ties in with the interests of some of my other readers — she is a friendly person with lots more to talk about!

Saki says that this photo best represents her and her biggest passion. :)


If birds had no eyes, how would they see?
They would evolve to the point they would be able to use ultrasound, just like bats.
Pineapple jam or plum jam?
Would you rather wake up in a bed of pineapple jam or a bed of plum jam?
Pineapple jam, so I could have breakfast without leaving the bed. Wait, I don’t have breakfast, usually!
If you had to be a piece of food, what would you be?
A strawberry, because they are so yummy and terribly cute.


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