It is hard for me to choose a “favourite band”. My music taste spans various genres over a number of decades, so while I have no problem saying I love Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), I am equally happy to say I love the classic psychedelic rock sounds of Pink Floyd, or the disco falsetto of the Bee Gees, not to mention the Froot-Loops-and-chocolate-milk sound of Hey Geronimo in the current decade.

One band I can easily call one of my favourites is Armor For Sleep. I generally regard them as my favourite band, when asked, but they are my favourite disbanded modern band. When asked about my favourite band, I’ll probably not hesitate in saying Hey Geronimo — they’re still around, though.


Armor For Sleep was an emo-punk rock band, around from 2003 through to 2009. They sort of disappeared after their third and last album in 2008, titled Smile For Them. There was an announcement about it being the end of the road… but I honestly don’t think anyone saw it coming. You usually see bands disappear for more than a year before making the assumption that the members have gone their separate ways. Armor For Sleep felt they owed it to their fans to have a farewell tour, and did in late 2012. I didn’t travel to the United States just to see them for the first and final time, and honestly, I sort of wish I did. [...]

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I’ll be honest, I just realised I don’t particularly like digging up my favourite tracks of the month and this Monthly Music segment was not the best of ideas. I guess that may be because I am not in a particularly good mood right now, or I had way too many favourites in August, or I left this until the last minute, but something struck me as fairly obvious as I was ready to crawl in bed and skip this month (it’s 11pm).

For starters, I’m sick. I dare say I’m getting better, actually. It was on Friday, after drinking a soy latte, that I realised it had irritated my throat too much. Whether that is because the milk was bad, or I had too much soy milk that day, or had just inhaled some pretty nasty toxins at work, or the weather tickled my lungs a bit too much, I found my throat really hoarse on Saturday morning and my nose slightly runny. Uncool.

I took a lot of vitamin C tablets. I like to say it’s time to overdose on those things when I have a cold, but you can’t really, because your body gets rid of any excess of vitamin C. Anyway, I let myself have a lot, lot, lot of tea, and honey, and lemon tea. I spent most of the day in bed, and I took a few-hour-long nap in the afternoon. I didn’t go to bed quite so early, but I let myself have enough sleep. [...]

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This edition of FF was shot last week, so it doesn’t have my updated haircut. My hair doesn’t look all that different, I just had more layers cut into it.



Having my workplace move from a wharf to a high-rise corporate building sometimes has an effect on what I decide to wear, though we don’t have a strict dress code and I’ve worn rather bluntly “offensive” clothing to tick off the corporate workers on other levels of the same building. By offensive I just mean wearing really out-there prints and more or less dressing like a punk — something that I was familiar with many years ago. Well, this outfit unfortunately isn’t one of them.

I like this outfit more than I realised. It seems simple enough, but there are bits and bobs that stand out. The top, for starters, has a straight cut and a sharp collar, but the stitched pattern and the rhinestone dragonflies are a nice touch. My blazer is quite old, and it gets quite a bit of wear.

FF-Deepest-Blues-6 [...]

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My bookworm friend Bhairavee, who blogs at The Dramatic Soul, sometimes makes me feel a bit guilty for not having read in a while! She is a very intelligent girl who recently got into the college of her dreams and started a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA).

I’m a 21 year old girl from Mumbai, India. I’m a computer geek and an avid reader. I love to travel as well as cook.

Though it is a bit difficult for me at times, I like to make new friends, be it online or offline :D Also, I like to learn new languages (programming and foreign) and I can understand and communicate in 3-4 languages as of now (English, Hindi, Marathi and a bit of French and Sanskrit)!


What is your favourite beverage?
My favourite beverage would be always be tea.

What is one thing you dislike about where you live?
I hate the over-population and the uncleanly habits of people in India, especially in Mumbai.

If you had to go to another country tomorrow to give a talk on how to eat fried worms, which country would you go to? Would you demonstrate eating the fried worms?
I would probably go to some Asian country (not India, because I’m pretty sure no one would listen to me!). If those worms are well cooked and the dish is spicy, I may consider demonstrating! :D :D [...]

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It looks like pancake. It says panache. It’s not pronounced pa-nuh-shay, but it is pronounced puh-nash.

From Wikipedia:

Panache is a word of French origin that carries the connotation of flamboyant manner and reckless courage.

The literal translation is a plume, such as is worn on a hat or a helmet, but the reference is to King Henry IV of France (13 December 1553 – 14 May 1610). Pleasure-loving and cynical, but a brave military leader and the best-loved of the kings of France he was famed for wearing a striking white plume in his helmet and for his war cry: “Follow my white plume!” (French: “Ralliez-vous à mon panache blanc!”).

So it basically means a plume of feathers, or style/swagger.

Anyway, I came across panache today, and like the word “trifecta” (along with many others), it makes me think of a really, really nice colourful jelly and whipped cream dessert with a cherry on top. No idea why, is it because it sounds/looks like the word pancake, or has French origin? Follow my white plume, indeed.

I joined a gym today. Or gymnasium, if you will. [...]

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