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A note on Notegraphy

Notegraphy note: git cherry-pick
Notegraphy note: git cherry-pick

I started using Notegraphy a few weeks ago. It’s best described as being Instagram for text/writing. With Instagram, you have filters that you can apply to photographs. Well, you can actually apply them to any image or any screenshot you have on your phone. Also, the filter is just a thing — it isn’t exactly necessary.

Notegraphy is really nice. I discovered it when looking through a design newsletter. It seemed tempting enough, so I signed up for it. It’s really nice being able to decorate quotes or stories with set designs.

Running through the cons first, I think that most people will find it limited, at least after using it for some time. You have a wide selection of designs, and each design has a few variations on colour or font, but sometimes you just don’t have the right one for what you want. Some might be too pretty, too messy, too bulky — for what you really want. [...]

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An Easter Weekend (so far)

At work on Thursday…

Cookie: We came to visit you.
Me (Georgie): Aw, that’s very nice of you.
James (jpcs): We got you something.
Me: Oh. Thank you!
James: Whichever one is your favourite colour, I got you that one.
Me: My favourite colour is red.
Cookie: I told you her favourite colour is red.
James: Damn it.
Cookie: I got you the red one.
James: I got you the purple one because I see you wearing purple all the time.

Easter Eggs-1

Yesterday was Good Friday, a public holiday. [...]

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Velociraptor, 2k14

So I wrote a review on Velociraptor’s latest single Ramona, and you know, reviews are kind of, possibly, maybe, probably biased… but the point is, I gotta spread word about this twenty-eight-to-forty-eight-limbed behemoth of an orchestra that is the almighty Velociraptor.

When I tell people I love this band with twelve members, the initial reaction I receive is usually a “wow” (not sure if that is a Doge-style much-wow kinda deal, or a legit wow) or a, “SRSBRO?” Other than the fact that the latter could be someone’s licence plates, it’s not ideal. You want it to be more than a Doge-style wow, and you want everyone to know that after a year of not touring in Sydney, or, for the most part, Australia — Velociraptor is the band to be seeing right now.

But seeing as people are always quick to judge, pictures gotta do the talking. While Velociraptor only had twenty-eight limbs last night when they played at Easy Tiger, that didn’t matter one tiny bit. There were extra limbs and extra gnarly mouths from members of the audience. Thank you Jeremy Neale for allowing those glorious fans to latch onto the band like remoras on a shark raptor.

Even if you don’t like garage rock, or don’t like Brisbane bands (for whatever reason, but I’m shocked — why would you!), or don’t like music, go for the experience of seeing this wicked band live.

Velociraptor-1 [...]

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A weekend in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie-52

Port Macquarie-18

On the weekend, my family went to Port Macquarie, which is a few hours up north of Sydney. There were seven of us altogether: me, my mum, dad, Brandon, my cousin Ricky, his aunt (who has been visiting for a few weeks), and James. I was considering not going, just so everyone could fit in the car, but James said he wouldn’t mind coming so we had another car to fit everyone.

On Saturday morning James thought he had locked his keys in his car. We were wondering how that was actually possible, and how he would have locked the car. He thought he had left the keys in his jacket pocket and then thrown the jacket in the back of the car. Inside the house, we looked absolutely everywhere for the keys, but couldn’t find them. We retraced steps, looked under couches and on tables, but could not locate the keys. Eventually James’s mum dropped off his spare key. [...]

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Fashion Friday: Purple Rain

So it rained today, and I was wearing a lot of purple. This was the outfit I was wearing a couple of days ago, and I wore pretty much the same thing again. I usually have a bunch of pieces that I mix and match but I had to wear this complete outfit again because I really liked it.

FF Purple-4 [...]

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