August was an alright month – Nick and I kicked it off by going to a 70s/80s disco, which wasn’t as awesome as I thought it was, but was still pretty cool. I got a new top retainer/plate earlier this month which I have been wearing at night, while still wearing my old bottom one as much as I can to fix my crooked teeth.

Nick and I saw John Oliver live on the 31st. He was purely hilarious. I love the guy. We were hoping to bump into him but a girl leaving work at the theatre said that he was staying at the hotel next door so doubted he would come out. Ah well.

I had a couple of emotional trips in August but I think things are looking up from here.

The three things I’m most proud of from August are:

  • Wearing my new retainer/plate every night since I got it on the 6th August.
  • Approaching Fiona about giving a talk at a future meetup. She gave me a lot of encouragement and convinced me that my ideas were very good ones. I look forward to speaking at SydCSS one day!
  • I deployed my updated blog design, which got some good feedback. I am just very proud with the changes I made and how I have improved the look of my blog.

The three things I’m most grateful for from August are:

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I don’t know why, but it seems like a very long time since I’ve posted an interview! Today’s interview is with Angela Nicole, a funny, bubbly writer (she’s published a book – something on most of our bucket lists!) who adores Pikachu.

Hey, I’m Angela Nicole, and I’m an American author working on my MFA in Creative Writing. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky where I currently reside, and I’ve had a love of penning fiction since the ripe age of four. I also dabble in indie filmmaking, and frequent many anime and gaming conventions per year with my comedy group The Abusement Park! In my spare time, I love DDR, roller coasters, and just having overall fun with good friends.

A photo of Angela
A photo of Angela

What is the weirdest idea you have ever had for a book?

I once considered writing a variant of a Cinderella fairy tale using a modern theme, a male protagonist, and lovable yet quirky characters. I wrote a short story like that for a class in college, and my professor quite enjoyed it, so it’s an idea I haven’t completely abandoned at this point! I just wrapped up my second novel, so maybe we’ll be seeing my version of Cinderella coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Which famous person would you gladly buy a drink for?

Andrew W.K.! He is so funny and crazy and down-to-earth! I’d love to have a beer with him and just pick his brain about life and philosophy! His podcast is one of the most motivational podcasts I’ve ever heard, and his weekly blogs are just as wonderful. Most people classify him as a “party dude”, but I’d love to just sit and chat with him!

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

Can I be Cheryl Tunt from Archer? I know I cosplay Lana from the show, but Cheryl is so hilarious and fun! Her charisma and insanity is through the roof…in a good way, of course. Besides, who wouldn’t like to own mansions, an ocelot, and be microchipped into becoming a famous country artist?!

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This is my last ‘Things I Miss’ post, because Tara and I have launched Timeless Thoughts, a monthly linkup we will be co-hosting for the same purpose! It will run on the first Saturday of each month, starting on 5th September, and will be hosted by Tara first. This post is a therefore a little bittersweet, but should not be misinterpreted as a sad one.

I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I don’t work at the same company as Nick anymore. Although it was a difficult decision, I decided to move on.

Even though I still work close by, I miss working in the same place, though not just because I got to see him every day. I still see him every day anyway. We hardly saw each other at work. We were never working together in the same team, apart from a hackathon (which we won first prize for).

We had the obvious ability to see each other, even if we could only glance from all the way on the other side of the room. We had lunch together and still said hi to each other while walking around the office.

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I currently use external link icons on my blog, by way of an external links plugin for WordPress. It wasn’t until I started including a lot of links to other websites in my Fashion Friday posts for the stores I bought my clothing from that I realised the link icons were getting a bit too much.

Visually, that is.

I initially installed the plugin after seeing the use of the link on Wikipedia and understanding its use as an indicator for a link external to the website. I also saw someone use it on their fansite and thought it was a smart idea. This was somewhere near five years ago, I’m sure.

After browsing the internet I found a plethora of articles related to styling your own external links with CSS (apparently, using JavaScript had been the more ancient option), but none about the whys or reasoning behind why these icons might be necessary.

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Nick helped me shoot this Fashion Friday edition near a church which had some old buildings nearby. I wasn’t too sure about the location but I thought some of the photos turned out well.

I have worn the black shirt with a white skirt most of the time but I tried it with this slightly flared skirt that I got some time ago at a discounted price some time ago. The skirt doesn’t actually have anything wrong with it, just a bit of a break in the pattern, but it’s not that noticeable.

Full body shot
Full body shot
Removing the pin from my hair. I wish my hair was actually this wavy!
Removing the pin from my hair. I wish my hair was actually this wavy!

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