I just deployed a new design to my blog. The bright turquoise/teal was getting on my nerves. I knew full well when I sent it live in May 2014 that someone was bound to complain about the bright colour. No one complained, and people began to associate the bright colour with my blog, so I started to think of branding and associating certain colours with my blog.

It was hard to let go of the teal, but I am using a more toned down version of the colour now.

Farewell ‘pinky’

Good old pinky. I asked Nick, my brother Brandon and my friend Daniel for their opinion and all three of them said the hot pink was a nice touch, it was ‘actually kinda nice’, ‘gonna miss it’, etc. Pink is my least favourite colour, and although some things are nice in pink, it wouldn’t be my first preference if I had another choice. Of course, in my documentation of bermuda, I based the design off a Hey Geronimo tour poster, so letting go of the pink was hard, but I was just getting sick of it.

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I tend to think of time in weeks rather than months, so most of my months become somewhat meshed together and lately I have found it a bit difficult to remember things that happened within a specific month. Work has also been keeping me on my toes – let’s see how I go this time.

The three things I’m most proud of from this past month are:

  1. Learning JavaScript by doing an online course, which helped me sharpen my skills. I didn’t give up when it came to doing a JavaScript related task at work – it was very challenging but it turns out I did it in a shorter time than people expected and they were very impressed.
  2. Finally cleaning up my archives page and making some changes to my blog. I’ve got some more updates coming.
  3. The photographs I took at Blur’s concert.

The three things I’m most grateful for from this past month are:

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I went for a more casual look for this FF. I have to admit I don’t dress casually very often, and even this outfit might not be casual enough for some. This is the outfit I wore to see The Wombats on Monday. It’s rare that concerts are held on Mondays. I know I didn’t really feel like putting much thought into this outfit so it’s a real mix and match.

The grey jeans (or any jeans for that matter) with the casual boots are a good match. The boots are the same ones I wore in Piña Colada.

Sitting on a bench in a courtyard
Sitting on a bench in a courtyard

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It’s been a while since I have written a Things I Miss post, and I have been thinking of so many things lately. I find that when I talk to Nick, we always come across things from our childhood or from our past, and we start a lot of sentences with “Do you remember…”

Today, though, I’m writing about something that I completely forgot about until recently when I was chatting with my friend Rachel. It’s called A Letter to a Domain, and was a series of letters I wrote on an occasional basis (basically any time I felt like it), starting in 2009.

The quaint thing about these letters was that I wrote them to various domain names that I owned: expressing my thoughts about them, their purpose or their planned purpose, or even ones that I had let expire and wished I hadn’t. As a domain name addict, the letters were amusing but fitting to my personality, and I was even more amused that people enjoyed reading them.

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Back in 2012, I made a mental list:

Huge bands I must see

  • Blur
  • Weezer
  • The Smashing Pumpkins

I only started seeing live music regularly that year, so I had a small list. I’ve only ever really been into seeing local bands, so that list of the ‘big guys’ has remained small.

A shot of Damon Albarn with the audience

On Saturday I had crossed off all three of those bands, finally seeing Blur live, at the same venue I saw Weezer and The Smashing Pumpkins.

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