the off switch is broken

the off switch is broken is my first poetry collection, published in 2020, inspired by experiences with technology: working as a software engineer, growing up in a technological age, being exposed to toxic work environments, and what identity means on the internet. Drawing from my life on the internet as a blogger, and my career as a user interface engineer, the off switch is broken evokes feelings of discomfort and failure, as well as nostalgia and triumph. There are nuances to very piece that reflect fragments of my experiences, and perhaps reflect shared experiences with other people I know in the community.


Preview of “The Hustle”

Preview of poem “Hackathon”

I have previously published poetry on my blog. I started writing tosib in 2019, after a social media detox had me feeling rather exasperated with the state of news media, toxic thought leaders, and people in public being unable to disconnect from their devices. I shared a zine with a sample of my poetry at the writer’s meetup at XOXO festival in 2019.

Table of Contents

  1. Subscribe
  2. visions of a self I discarded from view
  3. .c-the-arguments-we-used-to-have
  4. Everything I lied about on the internet
  5. Hackathon
  6. the off switch is broken
  7. @motherdearest
  8. Add to Cart, round 238
  9. The Hustle
  10. golden handcuffs
  11. Eleven is typing
  12. I’m sorry for not blogging
  13. Do Not Disturb

download the off switch is broken

This collection is approximately 60 pages long. The .zip download gives you access to a PDF version, an ePub version, and a .mobi version.

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