Since I wanted to avoid creating a category for each country I visited, I created Travel. That way I can also include posts about local trips or day trips. Some countries that may be mentioned in this category include Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, France, Germany and England.

My parents are from Indonesia, and a lot of my family lives there. The last time I visited Indonesia was in 2015, when one of my cousins got married. I don’t really like Indonesia in general, mostly because I get strange looks and weird comments because of my complexion and non-native appearance.

I visited Hong Kong for the third time, in November 2018. I also happened to give my first international talk there! I first visited Hong Kong in about 1996 when I was six years old, and apparently lost my first tooth there. I really liked the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

I studied Japanese in high school for about four years. I don’t remember very much of the vocabulary, but I have very good reading ability of hiragana and katakana characters. Kanji not so much, though. I first visited Japan in 2013, and again in 2017 for my honeymoon. I absolutely adore their cuisine and culture.

My husband Nick and I have travelled to Europe twice, the first time he proposed to me in Varenna, Italy. Italy was the country where we visited the most cities. We travelled Europe again in 2019, with Germany being the country where we spent the most time.