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Lilian and I catch up for dinner again. We eat a lot of lotus chips, buy Christmas presents and reflect on who our school captains were in school. Wait, who were our school captains...? […]

A quick recap of the dinner catchup I had with Lilian. I’m thinking of turning these recounts into reviews about the food – I’m not sure if I always want to write all the details from our chats so maybe I should change it up a bit for next time. […]

Although this is technically the third time we have met up for dinner this year, I thought it best to start writing posts! I feel like we chatted a lot this time, and I took photos of the food at dinner too (yay! food!). This dinner happened last Thursday. At work we had a hackathon event called ShipIt, and we were given a lot of candy and fed really well. Lilian had also eaten a lot for lunch and we […]

Our last lunch of the year before Lilian goes overseas! I invited her to my work office to get a taste (literally) of what lunches cooked by our chefs are like. […]

Lilian and I caught up today for the first time in a while! I went to Indonesia and switched jobs and we actually saw each other multiple times on the way home from work! So it wasn’t like we didn’t see each other for years. Feels like that sometimes though. :P Also, you might have noticed that Nick sneakily threw some emoji in his Spring Fashion Quarterly – he fixed some issues with my database rendering emoji as question […]

We have reached double digits! I realised we hadn’t had some proper girl talk for a while so Lilian and I had lunch together yesterday – just the two of us. It has been over a month since we last had lunch although Lilian did come to my birthday gathering last month. […]

Wow, did two months go by so quick? I guess we’ve all been busy... poor Lilian has been stressed out, actually, I feel like a real jerk because I know Nick is trying to balance working full time and studying full time as well (insert jerk comment about how I have totally been there before, so I know how it feels and I’m praying on magic and love to get him through). And I am […]

It’s been a while since we’ve had a TBF(F)L. Also, in my mind that means The Best Friend (Forever) Lunch, but it’s sort of a play on BFFL, which of course means Best Friend For Life, rather than Best Friend Forever, but anyway... this edition is super cool and fun because Nick joined us. We’ve all been busy with work, but a couple of weeks ago Lilian needed some help moving some furniture because she was at home by herself […]

It’s been a good month since the last Best Friend Lunch, and this is the first of 2015, too. There are lots I didn’t quite cover in this post, since we talked about a lot... but let’s roll. The Place We went to Sushi Roll in World Square, which is close to both our workplaces. We went to Sushi Roll together one other time, and I thought it was alright. I think most sushi places have their pros and cons. Lilian […]

I am usually a giant suck-up when it comes to music, and I try to find the absolute best in any song, even though some people might find it dull, too loud, unexciting, or whiny. However, movies are somewhat different. I have previously written about the fact that I haven’t seen many movies, so my standards are very low, but Lilian and I saw a movie today that was honestly very disappointing. Before I talk about Serena though […]