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When we had to visit a town way out of the way to hopefully find our wedding photographer, we wondered if there were any lovely cafes around that would have enjoyable food. We found Post Box Cafe, a gem in the southern suburbs of Sydney! […]

I review PandaVita’s organic baobab powder, a sweet – but not too sweet – powder that originates from the baobab fruit in Africa. It tastes great just mixed with water and has many health benefits! […]

So I caved and bought jewellery again, but not without good reason. (I guess you could call it an early birthday present.) I may not be the only one who goes into depth in their reviews, but I did some extensive research before I made a purchase from Wanderlust + Co, made a lot of comparisons in my mind, and I still bought their products on sale. They have a certain style of jewellery, and I had a lot of […]

I had such an amazing experience for my first time using L’OCCITANE’s products, with their repairing shampoo and conditioner. My hair was left so soft, and I was super pleased with the result. […]

I renewed my Helene Jewelry subscription for another three months. As the owner Elena was working on adjusting to a new system, my box did not ship until the 26th of September. But the new system also seems to suggest that I get tracking information all the way up to Australia! Previously, I wasn’t able to track my package at all, so I was pretty happy with that. :D […]

All Colour Envelopes sent me a large assortment of envelopes to review. The company is based in the UK and yes, they sell envelopes only. It might sound rather niche, but when you think about it, envelopes have a huge variety of uses, some of which I didn’t realise until I got a large sample of their products. […]

I received my August Helene Jewelry box on the first of September. This time I got the same bigger, and more shallow box – I actually prefer this to the smaller box I used to receive. When I opened the box there was the welcome card, but like last time, there was no description of the bracelet. I think I might take a leaf out of Tara’s book and name the bracelet myself. :) […]