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I was approached by the team at Webucator recently to have one of my blog posts recorded as a training video. They cooperate with bloggers to record training videos related to web development, computer programs, business skills, and more. One of my CSS Adventures posts on Classes, IDs and specificity was chosen and I was happy for them to make it into a video. Check it out – they did a great job. […]

As a front-end web developer, in the present day: we’re looking at modular, reusable CSS, it’s almost a must in every set of code guidelines to reserve IDs for JavaScript hooks, or to only use them when absolutely necessary, and we assume that most web developers are writing modular and reusable code. However, I’ve had a few questions from junior web developers who are lost or unable to understand the concept of modular CSS (not to mention are still using IDs more than […]

I’m pretty big on writing shorthand CSS. At my previous job, I used to point out instances of 0px or 15px 0px 10px 0px and suggest that they be written as simply 0 or 15px 0 10px. As we used a preprocessor, it minified our code, but there were some things that weren’t taken care of. There are some linting tools that you can use in your development process to take care of little things like this, but one […]

I started building websites in the early 2000s and most websites would be updated with: “refresh if you can’t see the new layout”. Because some browsers cached CSS like a demon, you would have to force (or in this case, invite) users to clear their cache manually to be able to see updated code. I usually left it up to the users’ browsers/machines to magically return the most updated CSS and didn’t think about combatting this issue on my own […]

It didn’t take me long at all to realise that I hated frameworks. Presentational classes in Bootstrap? I didn’t dare touch it. HTML5 boilerplate? Let me do it myself. JavaScript for a carousel/slider/gallery? I tried to avoid it at all costs. CSS resets, though, are another story. What is a CSS reset? In a nutshell, a CSS reset file is a file that you can either build upon or let sit under the rest of your CSS. It is designed to […]

I’ve decided to write more about web development on my blog, so this is my first post on that topic. It’s about how I converted my CSS from Stylus to Sass. To begin with, I ramble a bit about my experience with preprocessors. What is a preprocessor? A preprocessor is basically a tool that allows you to write more “powerful” CSS, by offering functions and variables to make your life easier, and then outputs it as the CSS you […]