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One handbag is all you need

Handbags puzzle me. When I was younger I had just one backpack. I used it for school. I sometimes used the same bag when I went to dance classes. When I had classes straight after school and travelled to the dance studio, I just had my bag.

Messenger bags slowly became a thing, and at the time I had that ‘rock chick’ style. I collected a lot of badges/pins, and people often pinned badges on the straps of their messenger bags. My strap was really flimsy so I pinned them on the front of my bag instead. It got insane. My bag was absolutely covered in badges.

After messenger bags, handbags became trendy. Girls in high school would carry a shoulder bag or a tote bag, then carry their books in a folder. I had a favourite shiny silver handbag, but it got thrown around a lot and because I had to put it on the floor (damn it I hate putting my bag on the floor), the bottom of it wore out eventually.

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I love reading, and I read a lot during my school years, but I haven’t been reading much recently. However, the day came when I looked at my physical books and decided that… it was time. It was time to let some of them go.

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I don’t know how I accumulated such a large amount of clothing, but a year ago, I started to notice how much I actually had. I haven’t had the luxury of having all the space in my room to myself, as part of it is used for storage of bedding, shoes, and seasonal clothing belonging to other members of my family, so looking at how much I actually own is important.

I’ve looked into capsule wardrobes and other methods of paring down your wardrobe, but as with all problems, the first step is admitting that you have a problem.

Signs that you may have too many clothes

The following things were were dead giveaways that I had too many clothes.

  • Wearing the same five shirts and skirts over and over.
  • Having difficulty picking something to wear each morning.
  • Finding clothes that I completely forgot I owned. Sometimes I felt awkward that I had forgotten about them.
  • Finding clothes that I had bought and was so sure I loved at the time of buying, but stood there thinking, ‘Um, why did I buy this…’
  • Feeling really awkward and bad about those clothes too.
  • Finding old, worn out clothing that I knew I had kept ‘just in case’. Pantyhose with a few little holes, socks that lost their elasticity, shirts that didn’t quite fit anymore but I thought still had cute prints on them.
  • Feeling really bad that those clothes were worn out. I considered getting rid of them.
  • Feeling really bad that I couldn’t actually bear to get rid of them.

If you notice any of these signs, you may have too much clothing – or, put it this way: you have a lot of clothing that you don’t need.

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This series has been a long time coming, and it has been sitting on the back burner, mostly because of how much time I’ve been spending actually digging my head into this apparent way of life most commonly called ‘minimalism’. I had this post sitting there for a while to serve as some kind of introduction but my list of planned posts for this series isn’t going to go anywhere if I don’t start.

I was encouraged by Michelle and Bhairavee to write blog posts on this topic. Both of them really wanted to hear about my decluttering experiences.

First things first, though…

Nick told me to stop calling myself a minimalist, stop saying I’m trying to be a minimalist, and stop referring to it as such – and, of course – stop getting brainwashed. And I think that that is the place to start. Labelling things can make you lose sight of the real point or real meaning. Labelling something does not give more credibility to what is actually involved.

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